I first started working with chocolate with my daughter, Rita and her friends. You see, Rita is a special daughter; she is cognitively challenged and any time spent with her is special. Now more than a decade later I continue to learn, teach, create and unite families of cognitively challenged children and friends with our artisan Belgian chocolates.

Italian by heritage, I am a natural in the kitchen. Cooking and baking with family and friends is part of the good life. My kitchen is my place of solace, my time with those I love and my time to spend with Rita who loves, loves, loves chocolate!

We soon outgrew our kitchen and needed a larger space. The challenge was to create a home outside my own and create a team that would grow to be a family of its own.

Rita and her friends are the centre of our new family as we work closely with the work training program at Alternatives. Our unique family offers more than just chocolate; we offer love, friendship and support to one another. They are attributes that touch all those who indulge in our mouth-watering delicacies.

I invite you to share in our family experience where we create handmade chocolate products using only the finest ingredients including a pinch of friendship and a dash of love. I sincerely hope you enjoy our creations as much as we enjoy making them for you!